BooK LoVe

I never go anywhere without a magazine or a book to read......
I spend a lot of time waiting around on school activities and soccer matches etc so I keep a stash of magazines in a tote bag and in the car. The reason I love home magazines so much (besides the fact they are awesome) is that I get interrupted so often that I lose the thread of books, whereas with magazines I can read an article and then put it down and pick it up again later and start a new works for me.

Yesterday, I managed a good old Aussie meat pie (I forgot the tomato sauce and it's just not the same) for lunch while I flicked through Australian House and Garden magazine. It's a beautiful issue as usual so here is a sneak peek. (I'm not sure it's at the newsagents yet so it's a super quick peek......)

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My favourite......Indigo Blue & Aqua together!!!

I was imagining I was eating my pie off these plates instead of off my lap in the car......

There are some exciting new design books here at Scandi Coast Home which I need to let you know about......all will be revealed shortly......
I'm pretty sure I was supposed to wait until Mother's Day......OooPsy!
I guess I'll just have to find something else......hehe!


  1. It's always nice with a magazine *smile*. That one look really interesting. Have a nice weekend.


  2. I love my mags......
    You have a great weekend too Elna.
    Make sure you take some time to relax!!!
    Tania xx


It was so sweet of you to say HeLLo......ThanKs for stopping by.
Tania Maree xx